6KW Fibre Laser Technology

Lasercut uses fibre laser technology to facilitate fast and efficient laser cutting of shapes out of sheet metal. Our machines are designed by KIMLA, the leading manufacturer of CNC machines.

Lasercut stainless steel and aluminium plate up to 15mm thick

Our laser beams can cut stainless steel and aluminium plate up to 15mm thick with the highest efficiency and maximum speed. Our Lasercut machine uses linear drives to facilitate the cutting of sheet materials into various shapes.

High Definition Plasma to cut and bevel mild steel up to 80mm thick

Our Plasma Cut service cuts and bevels mild steel up to 80mm thick using an accelerated jet of hot plasma. We use the most innovative technology to ensure that each product is cut with precision.

True Hole technology

Our Plasma Cut service uses True Hole technology to produce better hole quality on mild steel products. True Hole technology delivers bolt ready quality holes by eliminating taper.

CNC brake press folding

Our computer operated 220-tonne brake press machine makes precision bends in sheet metals quickly and efficiently.


About Us

Lasercut provides top quality automated laser and plasma cutting service at a competitive price with quick turnaround.

We use 6KW Fibre Laser Technology to cut stainless steel and aluminium plate up to 15mm thick. Our machines allow us to cut and shape sheet metal into any shape required quickly and efficiently.

For mild steel up to 80mm thick, we provide a plasma cutting service which cuts and bevels mild steel using an accelerated plasma jet. We use true hole technology to deliver bolt ready quality holes. We also provide a 220-tonne CNC brake press folding machine to make precision bends to ensure your products are ready for use.

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